Evaluate the cardiovascular
risk of your patients
in 2 mins

CardioSensys consists of an advanced photoplethysmography oxymeter and software based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. Non-invasive and ultra-simple to use, it yields an analysis of 7 key vital signs in only 2 minutes, thus allowing each doctor to immediately evaluate the risk of cardiovascular incidences for each patient.

The goal is to evaluate the cardiovascular health of each individual patient of a GP in a simple, rapid, reliable and quantifiable way. This would then permit GPs and other health professionals to regularly screen each of their patients for cardiovascular diseases without increasing the time allocated for each appointment.

CardioSensys is the first screening tool to quantify cardiovascular risk. This early detection of cardiovascular disease means that lives would be saved and the medical health system costs for cardiovascular disease would be reduced.

Processus d'évaluation cardiaque - Sensoria analytics